Christ Presbyterian Church
5657 Pleasant View Drive
Milford, OH  45150
Phone:  (513) 831-9100



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Committee/Position Name / Session Class Year  Contact #


Pastor                                                Linda McClanahan                          831-9100

Music Director                                   Becky Jones                                    683-8596

Treasurer                                          Phil Widmer                                      575-5029

Financial Secretary                         Peggy Hannah                                 722-1509

Newsletter & Website                     Gloria Orsini                                    258-7495

Worship                                             Becky Jones                                    683-8596

MMM  Exec. Director                        Steve Reis                                       752-7793

MMM CPC Rep.                                Rev. Jean Holmes                         677-1034

Women’s Group/PW                       Linda Rearick                                 576-0799

      Co-Chairs                                      Jan Sawyer                                   248-1856

Clerk of Session                              Patty Fix                                            625-9305

Christian Education                        Session covering various duties

Outreach/Publicity                           Margarett Angel                               505-6444

Fellowship                                        Martha Enriquez                             260-4352       

Personnel                                         Session members

Spiritual Life, Mission & Stewardship                      

          Chair                                         Joanne Widmer                             575-5029

Finance, Building & Grounds

      Chair                                            Gary Rearick                                    576-0799

      Session Rep                              Randall Smith                               722-1619


Other Contacts

4-H                                                    Brenda Bayne                               575-0531

AA - due to confidentiality, please contact Gary Rearick                 576-0799

Book Club                                       Jan Sawyer                                     248-1856

Community Garden                       Jack Smith                                     722-0431

Cub Scouts                                     Jack Sawyer                                  248-1856

Girl Scouts                                       Bethinee Porter                            236-4948

Exercise Class                               Bonnie Schanz                             831-5007

Grass Cutting                                 Jack Sawyer                                  248-1856

Liturgical Arts                                  Linda Rearick                               576-0799

Matthew 25 Ministries                   Joanne Widmer                           575-5029

TOPS                                                Cindy Combs                              831-5007

Youth Group                                         TBD