Christ Presbyterian Church
5657 Pleasant View Drive
Milford, OH  45150
Phone:  (513) 831-9100


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Committee/Position Name  


Pastor                                                Linda McClanahan                          831-9100

Music Director                                   Becky Jones                                   

Treasurer                                          Phil Widmer                                     

Financial Secretary                         Peggy Hannah                                

Newsletter & Website                     Gloria Orsini                                   

Worship                                             Becky Jones                                   

MMM  Exec. Director                        Steve Reis                                      

MMM CPC Rep.                                Rev. Jean Holmes                        

Women’s Group/PW                       Jan Sawyer                                                                                                      

Clerk of Session                              Patty Fix                                           

Christian Education                        Session covering various duties

Outreach/Publicity                           Margarett Angel                              

Fellowship                                        Martha Enriquez                                  

Personnel                                         Andy Fix

Spiritual Life, Mission & Stewardship                      

          Chair                                         Joanne Widmer                            

Finance, Building & Grounds

      Chair                                            Patty Craft                                   


Other Contacts

4-H                                                    Brenda Bayne                               

AA - due to confidentiality, please contact Patty Craft                

Book Club                                       Jan Sawyer                                  

Community Garden                       Jack Smith                                  

Cub Scouts                                     Jack Sawyer                                                       

Exercise Class                               Bonnie Schanz                          

Grass Cutting                                 Jack Sawyer                                                              

Matthew 25 Ministries                   Joanne Widmer                        

TOPS                                                Cindy Combs                            

Youth Group                                         TBD